PT. Inti Mutu Sejahtera Nusantara

Welding Engineering, Oilfield Inspection and NDT Services


PT. Inti Mutu Sejahtera Nusantara is one of the leading Technical and Inspection Service Company in Indonesia, specializing Non Destructive Testing and any other major inspection work. It was established in 1999 and has grow in proportion by doing various project in Indonesia.

Our skilled, experienced and certified personnel will give you with a unique, economic solution to your testing problems. The Non Destructive Testing of our organization has reached most corner of Indonesia.

Our company is also capable in providing skilled and technical personnel for your project and was assure clients of their professional integrity, and dependable performance and competence, since PT. Inti Mutu Sejahtera Nusantara is committed to provide the most complete service offered in the Industry, our present main line of activities the following :

Non Destructive Testing
• Radiographic Testing
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Phassed Array UT
• Magnetic Particle Testing
• Dye Penetrant Testing
• Vacum Testing
• Hardness Testing
• Holiday Test
• Load Testing
• Other method as required

PT. Inti Mutu Sejahtera Nusantara hopes that you will grand the great opportunity for us offering our services to assist your company with quality to achieve your project time schedule.